The largest track record in TCP

Strohm has pioneered the development of Thermoplastic Composite Pipe under the name of Airborne Oil and Gas, and introduced it to the Oil & Gas industry. As such, we have always been at the forefront of creating acceptance in the market place, and building track record.

To date, we have supplied TCP Flowlines, Jumpers, Jumper Spools, our first Riser and Downlines for service including hydrocarbon production, water injection, gas lift, methanol and chemical injection. The majority of our TCP track record is in subsea spools. We have many records including the world’s first TCP for hydrocarbon service, and the deepest operating TCP in 2140 meters water depth. Today, Strohm is the world’s first manufacturer of TCP that has commenced qualification for deepwater dynamic risers in Brazil.

Our track record in Oil & Gas builds the foundation for CCUS. TCP does not suffer from corrosion and can transfer CO 2 even with contaminations. Our hydrogen journey aims to enable offshore green hydrogen. Both for bottom fixed as for floating wind, TCP is the lowest cost and footprint transfer solution.

Please contact us for a complete overview of our track record.

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