Total TCP Jumper Spool for deepwater West Africa

Project description

In 2019 Strohm was awarded with a contract from TOTAL to supply a TCP Jumper for a deepwater project in West Africa. The field is located approximately 150 km offshore in water depths of up to 1,600 m. This contract follows the successful completion of a rigorous testing program, in which TOTAL qualified Strohms TCP Water Injection Jumper for permanent subsea applications.

Under this contract, Strohm will provide TOTAL with a 5.2” ID, 370 bar design pressure TCP Jumper for water injection. The TCP Jumper is intended to be terminated in country and installed using a subsea pallet, deployed from a small vessel. The TCP Jumper is non-corrosive, lightweight, flexible, spoolable with a small minimum bend radius and can be terminated at any location along the pipe. This provides the end user with project value in lower total installed cost through cost effective transportation and removing the need for metrology, while de-risking the project schedule.

The TCP Jumper can be manufactured and shipped in long continuous lengths, stored onsite and when required for the project, cut to length and terminated within hours, ready to be deployed.

Key system characteristics
De-risking project schedule
Manufactured in advance, terminated prior to installation on site
Significantly more tolerance in length than rigid pipe
Can be deployed using subsea pallet
No metrology required, faster first oil
Lowest total installed cost
• Reduced fabrication cost
• Reduced buoyancy cost
Reduced transport costs
• Reduced Installation costs