TCP Jumpers

The solution for a durable subsea connection

In hydraulic intervention, scale squeeze and acid stimulation, the vital connection is the link between the main conduit and the wellhead, or injection skid.

Today's solutions such as HCR hoses are not up to the task and fail regulary. Our TCP Jumper is the solution for anyone searching for a dependable and durable subsea connection; it is the only high pressure pipe available in the market today that combines a smooth bore with high collapse resistance and flexibility.

The TCP Jumper can be repaired offshore including coating repair and re-termination.

Stock and rental offering for fast and project-specific delivery

We manufacture dynamic TCP Jumpers with the following internal diameters:
2.0 inch, 2.5 inch and 3.0 inch.

Ancillaries & deployment

The TCP Jumpers are supplied with all relevant ancillaries such as:

  • Bend stiffeners
  • Anodes

For fast delivery we hold 2.0 inch 689 bar (10,000 psi) TCP Jumper in stock for fast delivery.

Our dynamic TCP Jumper is the reliable flexible connection for Well Intervention and Plug & Abandonment applications.

Strohm provides Jumper Spools as well.

The TCP Jumper offers the following advantages

  • Collapse resistance to 3,000 metres water depth combined with smooth bore
  • Flexible, can be manipulated by remotely operated vehicle (ROV)
  • Highest flowrate due to smooth bore and monolithic wall
  • Strong enough to disengage the emergency quick disconnect
  • Durable, strong coating designed to sustain rough offshore handling
  • Can be used for cement pumping also