TCP Jumper

The flexible connection for wellheads and manifolds. 

The TCP Jumper eliminates metrology and radically reduces installation, transportation and fabrication costs of well jumpers and pipeline spools.

Strohm designs and manufactures TCP Jumpers for hydrocarbon production, water injection, gas lift, MEG and chemicals injection. Their flexibility, light weight and ease of installation are changing the face of the subsea architecture.

While TCP Jumpers are manufactured by Strohm, end-fittings manufacture as well as assembly allow for operators to satisfy local content requirements. Moreover, the TCP Jumper has some unique characteristics that make life simpler for subsea connector designers:

  • Fatigue life is superior, allowing the TCP Jumper to be used in applications where slugging / high fatigue loading is expected
  • The TCP Jumper has lower stiffness compared with steel spools and most flexible pipe, yielding lower loads on the connectors
  • Stiffness does not change when applying internal pressure

Our TCP Jumper design and selection of materials are adapted to the specific requirements of each project, ensuring a fit-for-purpose and highly cost effective solution for each project. We manufacture TCP up to 7.5 inch ID, 121°C (250°F) and 689 bar (10,000 psi) working pressure.

Installation and in-place analysis

The TCP Jumper is installed either on a subsea pallet with a swivel hook, horizontally with two cranes, vertically with one crane, through a spreader bar or conventional vertical lay system. We can provide assistance and analyse the in-place configuration.


We supply our TCP Jumpers with the following ancillaries:

  • Bend restrictors
  • Bend stiffeners
  • Installation ancillaries
  • Ballast elements
  • Anodes

Jumper on Demand

The TCP Jumper offers the option of having a length of TCP readily available near site, reducing schedule risk and cost. Clients can take advantage of a single pre-agreed continuous design shipped on a reel that can be spooled off to the required length, when and as required. Our simple and quick to terminate End Fittings are shipped separately, ready to be terminated onsite at short notice by Strohm technicians or by our clients' own trained and qualified personnel. 

The value proposition of Jumper on Demand:

  • De-risk and fully own the schedule
  • Take advantage of volume cost optimizations
  • Logistics costs reduced, simplified and known
  • Ready to deploy in days, not months
  • Rapid response or emergency replacement

Our Track Record

The TCP Jumper reduces cost in every single aspect of the value chain

  • Flexible
  • Termination in the field
  • No metrology, faster first oil
  • Low loading on connectors
  • Lower fabrication cost as no welding is required
  • Lower transportation cost as the jumper spool can be transported spooled on a pallet, reducing vessel space requirements 
  • Fast and local end termination with simple and reliable end fittings


Our Track Record