TCP Jumpers for Gas Lift in Malaysia


Project description
In Q4 2020, Strohm has been awarded a contract by Aker Solutions to supply 2 gas lift TCP Jumpers in Malaysia. The TCP Jumpers are from the standard 2 inch, 10,000 psi design in EGFPE material, suitable up to 65°C. The client’s design pressure is 272 bar, for 25 years design life.

The 2 x 150 m TCP Jumpers will be taken from the stock product and delivered in Q1 2021 spooled onto a transportation drum from Strohm’s factory in IJmuiden, pre-fitted with free issued diverless connectors. Ancillaries (weight modules and bending restrictors) will be shipped separately in crates to be later assembled by the selected installation contractor.

The availability of stock products (TCP and end fittings) allows for a very fast turnaround from award to delivery on the project. 

Key system characteristics 

  • Taken from the stock product (Jumper on Demand concept) 
  • Spooled onto transportation drum from Strohm's factory in The Netherlands
  • Non-corrosive, lightweight, flexible
  • Spoolable with a small minimum bend radius
  • Pre-fitted with free issued diverless connectors
  • Ancillaries shipped seperately in crates


  • Inner Diameter: 2"
  • Material: EGFPE
  • Pipe pressure rating: 10,000 psi (maximum design pressure 3800 psi/262 bar)
  • Length: 2 x 150 m
  • Temperature: suitable up to 65°C (149°F)