Renewable Energy

Strohm is committed to the energy transition at large, and to enable the energy sector to transition to decarbonized sources. Strohm has been a carbon neutral organization since 2020 and continued to develop to reduce the full scope of emissions related to TCP. Today, the carbon footprint of TCP is already more than 50% lower than that of a steel pipeline. 

Beyond reducing the carbon footprint we develop TCP for renewable energy applications. We provide our full support to partners and clients in the green hydrogen industry, on CCUS projects, and on some cutting-edge concepts like blue and green ammonia offshore. 

The best example is Offshore wind to hydrogen. To access the best wind resources, offshore wind farms will be developed further away from the coast and often away from areas of high energy demand. The rise in HVCDC cable prices and the loss of power over long distances negatively impact the economics of offshore wind projects. Curtailment and grid charges also drive the ability to scale up energy from offshore wind. The same goes for the ability to store energy for strategic and security needs long term.

The most viable solution is to convert the power generated by offshore wind turbine generators (WTG’s) directly into hydrogen offshore, alleviating the negative impacts of power conversion and cables, thereby maximizing efficiency. One thermoplastic composite pipe can transfer up to 10 times (order of magnitude) as much energy as an equivalent cable can, and in addition it can store the energy. The hydrogen can be produced directly into the wind turbine or in a centralized platform.

Thermoplastic Composite Pipes are the only most reliable and cost effective solution to transport hydrogen offshore.

Our track record in Oil & Gas builds the foundation for hydrogen transportation and CCUS.

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