SNEPCo Downline, Jumpers & Deployment System


Project description
In 2015, Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production Company (SNEPCo) awarded Strohm the contract for the supply of a TCP Downline, Jumpers and deployment system to be used for stimulation purposes. The system allows for large volumes of stimulation fluids to be injected into subsea wells, at high pressure and flowrates. The TCP Downline and Jumper will connect to a subsea tree injection cap, ready for deployment in 2017. 

The system includes the Downline, Jumpers, Reeler and Tensioner system, as well as a bespoke overboarding chute design, allowing local content manufacture.

Key system characteristics

  • Fully field proven
  • Lower cost per intervention
  • High flowrates
  • Simple end fittings
  • Strong and durable protective coating
  • Collapse resistant to up to 3,000 meters water depth with vacuum capability


  • Inner Diameter: 3''
  • Pressure rating: 345 bar
  • Water depth: 1500 m
  • Length: 1600 m
  • Qualified # deployment: 225