Repeat order - TCP Flowline for Water Injection service

Project description
Early 2019, Strohm was awarded with a contract from a major International Oil Company for the supply of 10 km TCP Flowline for Angola. The field is located approximately 40 km offshore in water depths of 60 m. Under this contract, Strohm provided the company with a 7.1” ID, 159 bar design pressure platform to platform TCP Flowline for Water Injection service. A repeat order from the earlier 4 km TCP Flowline for Water Injection service delivered mid-2019.

The TCP Flowline has a small CO2 footprint compared to steel and flexible pipe as a standalone product, and when considering the installation as well, the as-installed CO2 footprint reduces further to around 60% overall reduction. This way TCP enables the end-user to reduce the footprint in their operations. 

Key system characteristics 
- Delivered on four Strohm T&I reels
- Installed from a small, multi-purpose vessel, with J-tube pull-through at one platform and a subsea connection at the other platform 
- Non-corrosive, lightweight, flexible
- Spoolable with a small minimum bend radius
- Terminated at any location along the pipe
- Reduced CO2 footprint

- Inner Diameter: 7.1"
- Pressure rating: 159 bar
- Water depth: 60 m
- Length: 10 km