Saipem Guara & Lula Downline


Project description
Saipem SA is a major contractor to the global offshore industry. In 2011, Saipem ordered a TCP Downline for the pre-commissioning of the Sapinhoá pipeline in Brazil, part of the Guara & Lula field (Brazil). The TCP Downline was used for pressure testing, cleaning and de-watering of the pipeline, pumping methanol, dyed seawater, nitrogen and high pressure air. In total, the TCP Downline completed 45 deployments to 2,140 meters water depth. This TCP Downline has set the world depth record for a composite pipe.

Client  (Saipem) reference, September 2013
I am pleased to inform you that Saipem successfully completed the pre-commissioning of the Sapinhoá pipeline. I would like to thank Strohm for their various contributions to the success of this operation;

  • Firstly for designing and manufacturing a lightweight 3” downline, that is rated for ultra-deepwater applications but does not require large handling and deployment systems;
  • Secondly for the continuous and effective support during offshore operations, overcoming all technical issues inherent to the field testing of such a prototype downline.

We, at Saipem, have been particularly impressed by Strohms commitment and passion to serve its clients and definitely consider Strohm as a reliable supplier for our future projects. 
Yannick Senechal, Project Manager

Key system characteristics

  • ​Fully field proven
  • Lower cost per intervention
  • High flowrates
  • One single, continuous length downline
  • Simple end fittings
  • Strong and durable protective coating
  • Collapse resistant to up to 3,000 meters water depth with vacuum capability


  • Inner Diameter: 3''
  • Pressure rating: 345 bar
  • Water depth: 2,140 m
  • Length: 2,500 m
  • Qualified # of deployments: 45