Subsea 7 & IKM Testing Downline


Project description
IKM Testing AS is a supplier of commissioning services to the offshore industry in Norway. In 2014, IKM Testing AS awarded Strohm the contract for the supply of a TCP Downline to be used for Statoil’s Astaa Hansteen. On this project, the TCP Downline is used for the pre-commissioning of risers and pipelines, pumping various fluids at pressure into subsea pipelines and risers. The project was completed in close cooperation with Subsea 7, who initially selected the downline for this operation. The TCP Downline is used for both pipeline pre-commissioning as well as subsea light well intervention services.

The client’s (Subsea 7) feedback

  • "The product’s light weight, ease of handling and external pressure resistance capability make it the preferred alternative for Subsea 7, both technically and operationally."
  • "The light weight and robustness of the product allow quick deployments / recoveries for these particular water depths compared with conventional downline systems.”

Key system characteristics

  • Fully field proven 
  • Lower cost per intervention
  • High flowrates 
  • One single, continuous length downline 
  • Simple end fittings
  • Strong and durable protective coating 
  • Collapse resistant to up to 3,000 meters water depth with vacuum capability


  • Inner Diameter: 2.5''
  • Pressure rating: 345 bar
  • Water depth: 1,300 m
  • Length: 1,500 m
  • Qualified # of deployments: 180
  • Completed: 20