TCP Flowline for Onshore Application Middle East

Project description
Late 2018, Strohm was awarded with a contract by a national oil company in the Middle East, to supply a 1,506 m onshore TCP Flowline for crude oil transport. Strohm selected and applied a special UV-resistant white coating for this Thermoplastic Composite Pipe application. For this particular onshore project, Strohm also developed an onshore inline connector. The pipeline is expected to be installed by the end of 2020. 

Key system characteristics 
- Spooled onto 3 reels from Strohm's factory
- Fully fitted with all ancillaries and ready for installation
- Non-corrosive, lightweight, flexible
- Spoolable with a small minimum bend radius

- Onshore TCP Flowline for crude oil transport
- White, UV-resistant TCP Light pipe, made of PE-EGF materials
- Inner Diameter: 6"
- Pressure rating: 1,300 psi / 89 bar
- Temperature: suitable up to 57°C (135°F)
- Length: 1,506 m
- Majority of pipeline will be buried, but a section of pipe and end fittings will not be buried.