TCP Flowlines

TCP Flowline eliminates corrosion and is the lowest total installed cost solution for greenfield, brownfield and hydrogen applications.


At Strohm, we design and manufacture TCP Flowline products for hydrocarbon production, water injection, gas lift, chemicals injection, methanol (incl MEG) injection, and renewable applications such as hydrogen and CO2 transfer. Its non-corrosiveness, smooth bore, low weight, spoolability and ability to terminate in the field make it the best solution for in-field flowlines, tiebacks, single well step-outs, (quasi) static risers and inter-array lines (offshore wind).

The solid pipe structure is impervious to corrosion, resulting in outstanding performance in corrosive environments and low, or no operating cost at all. It has an inner, fully bonded, smooth bore polymer liner that ensures the best attainable flow properties while still being piggable. The thermal performance of TCP is considerably better than that of steel (reinforced) pipe. Our end fittings are simple and robust, relying on a well-proven mechanical clamping method. Assembly of the pipe with our end fittings is straightforward, can be done both onshore and offshore and at any location on the pipe. The integrated weight coating ensures a. solution that is stable on the seabed.


Our TCP Flowline is supplied in long spoolable lengths for cost-effective horizontal lay and lowest as-installed cost. We can install TCP Flowline using small, multi-purpose vessels, greatly reducing installation cost, to a radical 30% saving on as-installed cost or more, as shown in the TCP Flowline business case. In addition, the lack of corrosion reduces corrosion-related cost such as pumping of corrosion inhibitors, relating pigging, etc.

A specific advantage of the TCP Flowline is that we can terminate the pipes offshore. This provides ultimate flexibility offshore, and allows for pull through small J-tubes without  the end-fitting. This reduces the required size and cost of the J-tube and is especially beneficial in brownfield applications where there is not much space left on platforms.

Our designs and selection of materials are adapted to the specific requirements of each project, ensuring a fit-for-purpose and highly cost-effective solution for each project. We manufacture TCP Flowline up to 7.5 inch ID, 121°C (250°F) and 689 bar (10,000 psi) working pressure.

Storage, Transportation and Installation Reels Flowlines are supplied on storage, transportation and installation reels, allowing deployment with a reel drive system. The reels can be offered on a purchase or rental basis. Ancillaries & deployment We supply our end-fittings with the following ancillaries, depending on the product and application: Bend restrictors Bend stiffeners Installation ancillaries Anodes. For more information, please contact us.

Our Track Record

TCP Flowline offers the following advantages

  • No corrosion
  • Flexible and spoolable in long lenghts
  • Lightweight, light reels
  • Small J-tubes
  • High internal and external pressure ratings
  • Simple, reliable and field-mountable end-fittings
  • Smooth bore – fully piggable
  • Low U-value compared with steel pipe
  • Continuous lengths of 3,000 metres to 6,000 metres depending on diameter and pressure rating
  • Quick installation by horizontal lay or surface tow method
  • Lowest total installed cost and total cost of ownership


Our Track Record