TCP Downlines

Qualified and field proven solution

TCP Downline reduces cost per intervention, de-risks schedules and increases oil recovery ratios.

The TCP Downline provides a qualified and field proven solution to increase recovery ratios at the lowest cost per intervention. The TCP Downline is used as lightweight, flexible fluid conduit in applications such as acid stimulation, scale squeeze, Riserless Light Well Intervention, Plug & Abandonment and pipeline pre-commissioning.

The TCP Downline is a single-piece continuous spoolable pipe, deployed rapidly in vertical configuration, through the moonpool or over the vessel’s side or stern, enabling simultaneous riserless well intervention operations to be conducted. As such, the TCP Downline increases the scope for riserless well intervention, making it more attractive compared to medium or heavy intervention. The TCP Downline can be combined with the TCP Jumper to provide a flexible connection from downline to wellhead (light well intervention) or pig launcher (pipeline pre-commissioning).

Over 65 deployments completed, and counting
To date, our clients have completed over 65 deployments, enjoying the following advantages:

  • Fastest possible deployment, running the downline at maximum tensioner speed. Field proven in 2 hours to 2,100 metres water depth
  • The flexible TCP Jumper absorbs the vessel heave motion, avoiding vessel offset. This configuration allows for running wireline or slickline in conjunction with pumping fluids. This increases the scope for riserless well intervention, making it more attractive for operators
  • The TCP Downline has a pre-fitted clump weight, the flexible TCP Jumpers have pre-fitted buoyancy allowing for fast and easy ROV handling

Our downlines are developed and produced in sizes ranging from 2 to 6 inch ID and pressure ratings up to 10,000 psi.

Ancillaries & deployment
Robust and rapid deployment of the TCP Downline is ensured by the deployment systems we can supply upon request:

  • Semi- or fully-enclosed reelers that feature an integrated power unit, constant tension (when running with tensioner), swivel and levelwind. The reelers are manufactured to the highest standards including DNV 2.7-1 and DNV 2.7-3
  • With standard or optimised pads, communicating with the Reeler, our tensioners run the pipes to the largest depths quickly and safely
  • Overboarding chute. Retractable with provisions to allow for passage of injection skids, our overboarding chutes are designed for efficient operations while maximising the life of the pipe

The deployment system can be supplied as individual items or as a fully integrated system.



The TCP Downline is offering the following advantages

  • One continuous conduit without any midline connectors, allowing fast deployment to maximum water depth
  • Qualified for hundreds of deployments for 10+ years of service, leading to lowest cost per intervention
  • Vertical deployment, can be used in conjunction with (riserless) light well intervention
  • No need to attach ballast or buoyancy modules during deployment, saving up to 24 hours per deployment
  • Large smooth & clean bore for the highest flowrates
  • Flexible to run to any depth up to the maximum length of the downline, while pumping through the downline at rated pressure
  • High internal and external pressure ratings, collapse-resistant with vacuum capability
  • Simple and reliable end-fittings, can be re-terminated offshore
  • Rugged coating for offshore handling
  • Supports field repair