Technical workshops for clients on TCP

12 October 2018

Recently our office in Houston arranged a week of technical workshops for our key clients in the region. Our CTO Henk de Boer travelled to Houston in support of these workshops in which the discussions were varied and very valuable for both client and Strohm.

The focus areas of the workshops centered around, but were not limited to; our qualification status on our new materials with a significant focus on our advancing deep-water riser work. Discussion varied from the Finite Element modeling & Computational Fluid Dynamics used in our design work to the background of the new series of Technical Notes we have recently published around topics such as gas-permeation, impact-resistance and fire protection.

Henk gave a detailed breakdown of the processes and steps required under the DNV119 specification to qualify new material groups. In our own case, we are completing the Carbon Fiber/PA12 work, with Carbon Fiber /PVDF following closely behind.

If you are interested in arranging an in-depth technical workshop for your own teams, please do get in touch:

Annemarie Jak 
Marketing & Sales Executive