TCP Jumper in operation for gaslift for Anasuria Operating Company

9 January 2018

An important milestone was reached in October 2017 when a TCP Gas Lift Jumper was installed by Anasuria Operating Company (AOC) in the Guillemot field. This jumper, which was brought online one month later, marks the 3rd application for Strohm's TCP Jumpers in a short period of time.

The company’s track record for TCP Jumpers has now expanded to application for gas lift, methanol injection and chemical injection, and industry uptake is seen to expand rapidly.

"By using a spoolable TCP Jumper, complex and expensive rigging is not required” explains Frits Kronenburg, Sales Manager with Strohm. “Instead the jumper is coiled on a simple deployment frame and lowered to the seabed to be connected between the tree and the gas lift manifold. With this delivery and installation, Anasuria acquired a qualified composite pipe solution for gas lift. A specific feature for this application, is the fact that the TCP Jumper is non-conductive, ensuring electric isolation of the different components subsea.”

With the gas lift jumper in operation, Anasuria Operating Company realizes increased production at lowest total installed cost. "For this fast-track project we have considered various flexible jumper options. We have selected Strohm's TCP Jumper mainly for its light weight, non-conductive /non-corrosive and reduced total cost compared to alternatives. The product passed various FAT’s first time and delivery was well within schedule.”

Strohm manufactures TCP Jumpers in sizes from 1 to 7.5 inch ID, and operating pressures up to 10,000 psi and higher. The spoolable TCP Jumper reduces total installed cost by avoiding metrology, reduced loading on connectors. The TCP Jumper, of which some sizes are available on stock, are manufactured quickly and can be terminated on site. On Flowlines and Jumpers, Strohm's track record now includes chemical injection, methanol injection, gas lift and hydrocarbon service.

For more information, please contact:
Annemarie Jak
Marketing & Sales Executive