TCP Jumper for Anasuria Operating Company

1 September 2017

Strohm is very pleased to announce the contract award for the supply of a TCP Jumper to Anasuria Operating Company. The TCP Jumper will be installed subsea and used for gas lift. Deva Selva, Project Manager with Anasuria Operating Company, comments: "For this fast-track project we have considered various flexible jumper options. We have selected Strohms TCP Jumper mainly for its light weight, flexibility and reduced total cost compared to alternatives".

The TCP Jumper is an excellent choice for gas lift applications. Frits Kronenburg, Sales Manager UK with Strohm, adds: "Beyond the commonly known benefits of Thermoplastic Composite Pipe, such as low weight, flexibility and low total installed cost, the jumper application allows our clients to take maximum advantage of all other TCP characteristics. This includes the ability to install the jumper from a small subsea pallet deployed by swivel hook, ability to terminate the jumper offshore easily and quickly, and of course the lack of an annulus, avoiding venting requirements even in high pressure gas applications. The TCP Jumper is today's lowest cost and lowest risk option for well jumper and spool applications."

Strohm will provide Anasuria Operating Company with a TCP Jumper, angled connections and ballast elements. Delivery and installation is expected later this year on the North Sea, UK Continental Shelf.

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