TCP Highlight: End Fitting, Fast & Flexible

11 April 2018

At Strohm, we often receive feedback from our clients that highlight the unique benefits and impact that TCP makes on their operation, cost and subsea infrastructure. In this article we highlight the End Fitting that we use on our Thermoplastic Composite Pipes.

We have developed, qualified and are using this End Fitting on all TCP that we supply to the industry since 2007, including our flowlines, jumper spools, downlines and dynamic jumpers. We use a modified version on our dynamic risers.

The main benefits of our End Fitting are summarized as follows:
1. We can terminate TCP anywhere, at any time, horizontally and vertically. We can terminate on location, offshore, as well as onshore and in our factory. We do this in a matter of hours
2. Onsite termination in combination with our small Minimum Bend Radius allows us to deliver the longest lengths of pipe per reel in the industry, reducing transportation cost to a minimum. By contrast, conventional flexible pipe needs to be terminated in the plant, leading to 20-30% of reel space being occupied by the very large end-fittings.
3. For example, a 6 inch ID TCP we supply in lengths of 3000 meters per spool on a standard 9.6 meter reel.
4. On-site termination provides unique opportunities to use small diameter I or J tubes, allowing TCP pull-through and termination above the J tube. On-site termination also offers the opportunity to pull TCP through existing old pipelines. The combination with long length delivery leads to short installation time, lower cost and less connections on the seabed.
5. On-site termination at any point in time, allows for pre-fabrication of longer lengths and cutting to length of well jumpers and jumper spools, strongly reducing cost of associated installation while de-risking the project and increasing flexibility in well placement.

Our End Fitting is fully qualified, cost effective and simple to install. The installation being a purely mechanical action, we train our clients in terminating the pipe themselves. With the largest track record in TCP, and growing fast, we look forward serving you on your next project.

Watch the animation of the End Fitting here.

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