Successful TCP Flowline tests on erosion, fire resistance and impact

10 January 2018

In order to demonstrate the suitability of Thermoplastic Composite Pipe for static riser applications, Strohm successfully completed three tests specifically requested by a West African operator:

  • Erosion: Erosion tests on coupon level have demonstrated superior behaviour of the liner material used in the TCP Flowline compared to a steel grade used for pipeline applications (X65) for different flow velocities. The tests have been performed under aggressive conditions, with high velocities and high sand particle concentrations. With improving performance compared to steel at increasing flow velocities, the material loss on the liner was 2.5 times less than the material loss on the steel coupons, the liner clearly outperformed steel during these erosion tests and demonstrated the excellent erosion resistance capabilities of TCP.
  • Fire: Survivability of a 6” TCP Flowline subjected to jet fires was demonstrated by exposing the pipe, protected by Passive Fire Protection (PFP) to burners with an average flame temperature of 826°C for more than 30 minutes, while the pipe was kept at the design pressure. The pipe survived the test and the residual burst capacity after the fire resistance test was still a factor 3.8 higher than the design pressure and only 6% less than the burst capacity of a new pipe.
  • Impact / collision: Finally, vessel collision scenarios have been tested for a range of impact velocities on a 4” TCP Flowline. In one test a pipe was subjected to an impact mass of 1,000kg at 2.4m/s. Following impact, an internal pressure test was performed at design pressure, to successfully demonstrate residual strength. In another test, a pipe was hit 5 times with velocities increasing from 1m/s to 5m/s. After the test, this pipe was also subjected to an internal pressure test and after successfully maintaining the design pressure, the pressure was increased and eventually the pipe burst well above the acceptance limit.

"These test results prove the suitability of TCP for riser applications", says Henk de Boer, Chief Technology Officer with Strohm. "TCP can now be considered for flowline applications including riser sections, whereby the riser section is clamped to the platform."

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