Strohm publishes Climate Policy

20 September 2022

As a certified climate neutral organization, Strohm is serious about sustainability. Today, we are proud to publish our Climate Policy. A short summary of Strohm's efforts toward a net zero society:  

  1. We have started with considering the carbon footprint of our activities as an organization and developed a Green House Gases (GHG) reduction plan. We buy green electricity, we buy green gas, and we compensate for the remaining footprint (e.g. commuting and business travel).
  2. We try to understand the impact of our technology and products for our clients. We have been able to show and prove, that our products have a much smaller footprint from a life cycle point of view, compared to steel. We will continue this work in the coming years.
  3. We will start to engage with our suppliers to fully understand and map the footprint related to the products they supply to us.
  4. We will develop and qualify products that enable the transition to a renewable future. 

Now – as always we have to start walking before we can run. It is a journey. Today we can proudly say that Strohm is already leading the effort by being climate neutral certified as organization. The next step is to start understanding the footprint of our product in detail, and start reducing it.

Feel free to contact us for more information.