Strohm and OSL Concrete partner to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete

8 October 2021

Strohm, the world's first and leading manufacturer of fully bonded, Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP), has signed a global framework agreement with Over Sea & Land (OSL) Concrete. The partnership will further enhance the specialist concrete supply ship company’s green credentials with a corrosion-resistant, lightweight and robust pipeline solution to transfer/supply concrete safely from its vessels.

OSL utilises advanced, environmentally friendly vessels to produce and transport the world’s most widely consumed man-made material to coastal and waterway markets and large civil projects. Its transportation method delivers a greener solution compared to the use of conventional supply and remixer trucks. In addition, the firm also implements its proprietary carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) CO2 technology into the concrete and recycles waste-water onboard its vessels to produce some of the world’s lowest embodied carbon concrete. Tens of thousands of tons of CO2 can be eliminated each year with each OSL vessel.

Strohm’s TCP technology will allow OSL to deliver concrete in large volumes and for long periods at a time. As it can be easily spooled and supplied in continuous lengths on reel up to one mile length, OSL’s vessels can quickly set up onsite at the beginning of a campaign and recover the pipeline at the end of the day to move offsite or on to another delivery location. The pipeline’s smooth bore and high-pressure rating ensures pumping of the concrete at long distance without obstruction. The lightweight TCP pipeline can be floated on the water for land-based operation or submerged, to meet the demands of each project site or market delivery. This gives OSL a significant range of sites to supply concrete mixes globally.

Amy McDougall, OSL Concrete COO, said: “We are very pleased to reach this point in our relationship with Strohm. Our unique concrete delivery method combined with Strohm’s field-proven lightweight and robust TCP allows us to not only deliver our concrete mixes but also to make a positive environmental impact in the communities we serve and the planet. The combination of our reduction in CO2 and pollution with a product coming from a carbon neutral manufacturer is a significant step forward in environmentally friendly construction that helps our customers and markets meet their CO2 reduction goals.”  

Gavin Leiper, Strohm vice president Americas, added: “We are very excited to support the development of a delivery system for OSL’s environmentally friendly vessel fleet and the opportunities this holds for their clients. This partnership allows us to showcase just how flexible and multi-use our TCP ranges are across a wide breadth of differing industries. We are also very proud that our products will be used in a way that helps reduce CO2 emissions, traffic congestion and pollution. OSL is truly delivering game-changing technology in the civil construction industry, and we look forward to continuing our journey with them as they do so.”

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