Out the door: more TCP Flowlines on their way to the field

18 October 2019

Following the successful and on-time completion of the manufacturing and Factory Acceptance Test, we are proud to share some nice pictures of two TCP Flowlines on their way to our client, a supermajor in West Africa. 

The TCP Flowline provides value to the operator through 1) the total lack of corrosion, 2) the light weight enabling cost effective transport, and 3) the ability to use multi – purpose vessels for cost effective installation.

We take advantage of the low weight all the way to the deck of the installation vessel, where weight is added for on-bottom stability. These TCP Flowlines will be installed using a Bourbon Evolution 800 series vessel.

The ability to terminate the TCP in the field enables much smaller J-tubes for the platform; in addition, more cost savings can be realized on the platforms by removing chemical storage tanks (normally required for corrosion inhibitors), associated pumps and the like.

TCP Flowlines are embraced by the industry for good reasons. Contact us for more information!