Introducing weight coating for TCP Flowline

22 August 2017

In flowline applications, especially in shallow water where tidal currents are strong and wave motions reach the seabed, flowlines require additional weight in order to ensure on-bottom stability (OBS). For light weight TCP this has been even more important, which prompted Strohm to develop an integrated weight coating.

The weight coating consists of heavy magnetite particles embedded  in a polymer. The mixture is applied around the TCP, either bonded or unbonded, depending on the project requirements.

The thickness of weight coating can be varied along the length of the pipe, always ensuring an optimal solution that is prepared for easy installation, such as platform tie in. With the weight coating, we supply a total solution to the client:

  • The weight coating is integrated with the pipe and supplied in one piece The TCP Flowline can be installed in one pass Where required, the weight coating is adapted or removed (e.g. for J-tube pull in) The weight coating provides sufficient OBS for most applications, and can easily be combined with other OBS measures

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