Final preparations for Gulf of Mexico's first TCP project

25 February 2019

Our team of technicians are travelling to Louisiana next week for the final preparation and fit up testing of the Gulf of Mexico’s first TCP project. To demonstrate the advantages and flexibility of TCP, this water injection spool was delivered without end fitting terminations and was terminated onsite at the mobilization yard. This can also be completed offshore with the minimum of equipment and resources allowing a far greater flexibility for our clients and accelerate schedules significantly.

Our TCP Jumpers offer not just significant savings in cost compared to the alternate technologies but also in schedule de-risking. For clients with multiple jumpers to deploy we can increase those savings and risk mitigators even more with our new “Jumpers on Demand” options.

Find out more about our range of jumper products and how we can help reduce your costs and safeguard your schedule by contacting your local Strohm representative.