Strohm and Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. pursuing collaboration

15 October 2017

Strohm and Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. have signed a worldwide distribution agreement for the promotion and sale of Thermoplastic Composite Pipe products. The two companies will cooperate to supply TCP Products to the global oil & gas industry in a time when composite pipe is establishing itself as a technically and commercially attractive alternative to steel and conventional flexible pipe.

"TCP is proven in the field and especially in corrosive environments delivers significant improvements in asset reliability, as well as substantial reductions in total installed cost”, says Marnix Boorsma, CEO of Strohm. "Together with our shareholders, which include Chevron, Saudi Aramco and Shell, we have been working towards developing break through solutions for the SURF and SWI markets. Thermoplastic Composite Pipe can handle up to 1,000 bar of working pressure. We can manufacture it in lengths up to 4 km at present. TCP pipes are flexible, spoolable and low weight. We want to support the industry in driving down the cost per barrel of oil and gas.” Martin van Onna, Chief Commercial Officer at Strohm, adds: “After years of hard work, we now have a track record covering fully qualified well jumpers and flowlines. These qualifications are for hydrocarbon service as well as methanol and chemical injection. We have developed the know-how, capability and experience to expand quickly in the coming years. Strohm has been building its sales and distribution power in the past years, and this collaboration is an important next milestone."

Marubeni-Itochu Steel, a leader in the provision supply of various kinds of steel products including Linepipe, has been at the forefront of introducing novel state of the art pipe and tubular products systems to the oil & gas industry.

The two companies will cooperate on a global scale and together provide fast response times and solutions to the most challenging environments for both brownfield and greenfield oil & gas projects.

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Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. 
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