TCP Highlight: Long spoolable length

4 March 2019

At Strohm, we can supply our Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP) in spoolable lengths of up to 3-5 km in one piece, on relatively small reels. This length can be spooled onto a transport reel or directly onto a vessel at our facility in the IJmuiden harbour. 

At location, our customers can either install quickly in one pass, or cut off the lengths that they need and easily terminate them on-site. Our ability to supply in long lengths reduces both transport and installation costs. See also the article TCP Highlight: End-Fitting, Fast & Flexible

Our flexible production process allows us to make pipes of different fibres, polymer materials and wall thicknesses, which we design to meet the pressure and temperature requirements of our customers. During production, we build up the pipe layer by layer while passing the length back and forth through our production stations. 

We can make pipes with true bore ID of 1.0 inch to 7.75 inch. The highest pressure rating we can achieve today is 15 ksi. By using flexible polymers, our TCP has a relatively small minimum bend radius.

The maximum length we can make is determined by the size of the carousels in our facility, in which we stack the pipe during production. In the photo above, you can see a 6 inch ID 100 bar pipe, of which we can fit 3000 metres in a carousel. For a smaller diameter, such as a 3 inch ID 100 bar pipe, we can fit in 5000 metres.

For flowlines, these spoolable lengths greatly simplify the installation, as the TCP can be installed using a reel drive system in horizontal lay mode, allowing for small vessels to be used. In addition, because of our smaller minimum bend radius, we can spool the longest lengths in the industry on standard size T&I reels, significantly reducing transportation cost.

When the customer requires multiple short jumpers, a large number of jumpers can be cut off from a single long length stored on or near site. This allows for flexibility in lengths as needed during installation and is a cost-effective and convenient solution.
We have the largest track record in TCP, and we are very pleased that it is growing fast as more customer discover the benefits of our products. 

For more information on our long spoolable length pipe, please feel free to contact us