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Shareholder Aker Solutions

We had a chat with Mark Riding | Chief of Strategic Marketing and Organizational Development at Aker Solutions and member of our Supervisory Board.

Here is what he had to say . . . 

Please tell us a little bit about yourself 
After university and an engineering degree, I spent almost thirty years working for Schlumberger all over the world in various senior management, technology development, field operations and sales roles, living and working in 14 countries. I joined Aker Solutions in Oslo at the beginning of 2011, to lead change management, strategy and internationalization. I am Head of Strategy and part of the executive management team.    

…and Aker Solutions 
Aker Solutions creates solutions to unlock energy safely and sustainably. We have a global presence and are based in more than 20 countries and at 50 locations, with 14,000 own employees worldwide. Aker has existed for almost 180 years and Aker Solutions is a part of this history. For the last half century Aker Solutions has mainly focused on the oil and gas industry, but increasingly working towards new low carbon technologies such as offshore floating wind and carbon capture, utilization and storage. Aker Solutions competency spans from the sea floor to the topside and covers the life of an energy asset. We deliver integrated solutions both through the entire life of an energy asset – as well as from subsea to topside.
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Why did Aker Solutions invest in Airborne Oil & Gas?
We liked the company and its technology and at Aker Solutions we constantly work to improve the performance and cost-efficiency of our product systems and the materials we work with. Acquiring a stake in Strohm and signing a collaboration agreement, positions Aker Solutions at the forefront in the development of next-generation materials. We are excited to work with Strohm to introduce existing and perhaps create new applications of thermoplastic composites into our subsea portfolio. 

What is your view on TCP technology? 
TCP technology can be used to replace existing steel/flexible based products such as pipe, tubes, risers, flowlines, jumpers, etc. By utilizing the unique features and benefits: low weight, fatigue and chemical resistance, flexible with coiling ability, etc.  significant improvements can be made to current deepwater designs. In addition, the most important aspect of the technology is its potential to enable new and disrupting solutions within our Subsea business, ranging from the component level to field design. 

What is your focus for the remaining of 2019 and next year? 
Aker Solutions is starting a journey to exploit TCP technology with an aim to decrease total costs, improve performance and reduce loads on connected structures and showcase towards our clients the benefits of this technology.

How is the collaboration with Strohm and Aker Solutions going so far? 
Well, we have assigned a senior experienced Thermoplastic specialist from within our technology innovation team as our contact point towards Strohm, and we have already had several full day technology introduction workshops and are getting to know each other.

How do you see the future of Airborne Oil & Gas?
Strohm has developed TCP technology based on multiple polymer and fiber systems and unique manufacturing, allowing performance and cost optimization of existing applications plus a robust prediction of performance design and testing. As I said, the most important aspect of the technology is its potential to enable new and disrupting solutions both in new field deigns as well as in the brownfield sector. The race is on, others are also looking at this space, but if we continue to leverage this potential I think the future will be bright.

What is your favorite quote? 
More a philosophy: Live life to the full and to the best of your abilities.