HR Manager

Ellen joined Strohm in December 2020. She started her career as a consultant at a small firm in Amsterdam where she primarily focused on organizational change, organizational structure, career development and strategic workforce planning. After a 7-month travelling sabbatical, she started the next phase of her career at Brunel. Ellen joined Brunel 13 years ago in a growth phase towards the international professionalized corporate as it is today. In her last 7 years at Brunel as Manager HRM, where she was responsible for HR of Brunel Netherlands, she created the HR strategy and shaped, structured, built, professionalized the HR department, and supported cooperation within and outside her teams. She is analytical and structured, but always with a people orientated focus.

Ellen holds a master’s degree in Psychology, specialized in Work Psychology, from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Ellen lives together in Amsterdam and has a daughter. In her spare time, she enjoys quality time with her family and friends, explore the world, experience new cultures, collecting memories and foremost enjoy live.

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