TCP Risers

The disruptive riser solution for deepwater application


TCP Risers deliver significant cost reductions compared with the traditional Lazy wave Riser solutions used in deep water harsh condition areas such as Santos Basin Brazil.

Strohm designs and manufactures TCP Riser systems for hydrocarbon production, water and gas injection, gas lift, chemicals injection and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). It is completely non-corrosive, light weight, with superior good fatigue performance, making it the best solution for Deep Water Free Hanging Risers.

The solid pipe structure is impervious to corrosion, resulting in outstanding performance in H2S and CO2 corrosive environments. With this, the Stress Corrosion Cracking phenomena as first reported by the Brazilian National Petroleum Agency in 2017, is something of the past. Further, the TCP Riser uses the carbon fibre as strength member, which provides the pipe with a superior fatigue life. This leads to a disruptive Riser system solution that promises to change the face of deepwater production, with lowest cost and longest design life. 

The pipe has an inner, fully bonded, smooth bore PVDF polymer liner that ensures the best attainable flow properties while still being piggable. The pipe also includes a weight stabilizing coating. This unique feature, developed by Strohm, optimises the weight and stability of the riser system whilst eradicating the need for buoyancy elements. 

Strohm developed the TCP Riser concept in close collaboration with its clients and supply chain partners, leading to a pipe that is optimized for cost, in-field performance as well as installation flexibility. The TCP Riser can be installed by currently available flexlay vessels, in the cost effective free hanging catenary configuration, dramatically reducing system cost:

  • The pipe can be installed without buoyancy modules, reducing the installation time
  • Buoyancy material cost is avoided, which can be considerable especially in deep water
  • The TCP Riser only requires one connection, as opposed to multiple connections required for conventional flexible risers (typically 5 or 6), again reducing time and cost
  • The free hanging catenary features a shorter length of pipe compared to the lazy wave, reducing the length of pipe required

The TCP Riser is stable in the water column in the free handing catenary configuration. The dynamic performance of the Riser is optimised using a weight coating layer, reducing the top tension while maintaining stability. This leads to knock-on benefits for the FPSO, in lower loading on the riser balcony, on the pull in system and on the mooring system.

Our TCP Riser is supplied in long spoolable lengths for cost-effective installation using reel lay vessels or flex-lay vessels, requiring only modest modifications.

TCP Risers offer the following advantages

  • No corrosion

  • No degradation due to CO2 and H2S

  • Very low hang-off weight. 50% reduction compared with traditional riser solutions

  • Superior fatigue performance compared with traditional risers

  • Can be deployed in cost-effective free hanging catenary configuration

  • 40+% cost saving on total installed cost

  • 50% less vessel days during installation

  • Allowing installation through flex-lay vessels

  • Allowing reel lay using low-spec construction vessels

  • Smooth bore – fully piggable

  • Low U-value compared with steel pipe

  • Spool lengths of 3,000 metres to 6,000 metres depending on diameter and pressure rating