Women in Oil & Gas: HR Manager Mariëlle starts a new challenge

10 April 2019

Strohm recently welcomed HR Manager Mariëlle Valkering to its international team. She brings 23 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Over the last 19 years, she held various HR roles. 

Why did you choose to work in the oil and gas industry?

Having been educated as a geologist, my first role was as a production geologist in the Northern North Sea. This was really the first time I was introduced to the oil and gas industry and I’ve been fascinated ever since. 

I’ve always found it a very interesting industry, which has a huge impact on the world economy, but also needs to evolve and innovate continuously. I’m attracted by the size and complexity of the industry. Strohm is a very exciting company to work for, since it is growing and developing its market with an innovative product. 

What makes your new job challenging?

Previously I worked in a large organisation, where many of the HR roles were split. In my current role in Strohm I work with a very small team and have to operate both at strategic, tactical and operational levels, which can of course be a challenge! The challenge is where do you spend your time to get the most value? 

How would you describe the company culture?
People within Strohm are really committed and enthusiastic about our product. Since my first day, I have felt this great sense of ownership from everybody in the organisation. It feels really great to be working together on a shared goal with so many different people (in terms of nationalities, styles, backgrounds, etc.).

What is your priority for 2019?

With the growth of the company, it is important that we bring on board all the new people and welcome and onboard them well. In preparing for our future we also need to look at how we develop our people, both in terms of training programmes, mentoring and on-the-job development. 

What advice would you give to others?

There is always something to learn. Try to learn something new from everything you do, and make sure you take time to reflect on how something has gone and what you could or would do differently next time. 
One of the things somebody once told me that really helps me, is to remember ‘you always have a choice’. So rather than getting yourself down and worrying about things, you can make your own choices (which are sometimes difficult). I regularly remind myself of this, it creates a sense of freedom.