Strohm was Airborne Oil & Gas

How a company in transition changed its name


From 2007 until 2020, Strohm was called Airborne Oil & Gas, and was at the forefront of bringing disruptive, enabling TCP technology to the marketplace. We are the first company to have developed Thermoplastic Composite Pipe (TCP), introduced it to the Oil & Gas industry successfully and enjoyed its widespread use across the globe. Today, we have the largest track record on TCP in the world, and we see acceptance accelerating every day. We are the recognized technology leader in this field, with zero failures of TCP installed to date[1].

We have been successful in working closely with our clients, contractors and operators, taking their requirements as starting point for our product and technology development, communicating openly about our technology and products, making them comfortable about our design, qualification and production methods and working with them all the way to supporting our TCP products in their operations.

It is through this approach that we have witnessed the industry moving through a transition whereby environment, sustainability and governance becomes increasingly important, where Oil & Gas operators are increasingly aware of their responsibility as active stakeholder in society and where they are accelerating their efforts to be a constructive player in the energy transition.

It is the combination of our company’s growth, our DNA to support our clients and our passion to contribute to the sustainability of our society that we have decided to move on beyond Airborne Oil & Gas and become Strohm. Strohm, in phonetic Dutch means both “flow” and “power” and as such is a perfect match to our vision, to provide disruptive composite pipe technology to the Energy and Renewables markets.

[1] TCP have been installed and is in operation in hydrocarbon, water injection, MEG injection and gas lift applications